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Hypnosis For Fertility

Hypnosis for Fertility

Can it be true? Yes. Is there such a thing as hypnosis for fertility when couples are having problems becoming parents? Oh, Yes. It’s hard to believe because over thousands of years no one has been able to explain fully why hypnosis works in the easy cases, let alone a complicated topic like fertility. Easy cases like stopping smoking, weight loss, and insomnia are still somewhat mysterious, but Hey, evidence is evidence: you sleep through the night, lose weight, have no urge to smoke. Everyone can see it (except insurance companies). Read More

Quit smoking With Hypnosis

It’s Easy to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

I know because I did it! I was the heaviest smoker in North America, 3 packs a day, more on weekends. I know all the ways of failing: patches, gum, pills, and especially trying conscious willpower. I played all the usual tricks on myself: “Cigarettes reduce stress…they’re friends…they relax you…they taste good with coffee…or a drink.” Ha! It’s all false. Here’s why smoking holds its addictive grip: I was willing to try any method I knew would fail, but I was reluctant to quit smoking with hypnosis because secretly I knew it would work, and then I’d be without my cigarettes! Don’t laugh. Someday I’m going to start handing out a business card that says: “Gary Ahlskog, PhD, Bottom of the Barrel,” because it’s true that most people put hypnosis at the bottom of their list and don’t call me until they’ve failed at everything else. Read More