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For some time, I had been experiencing random episodes of severe sleep disturbance (hitting, kicking, throwing myself out of bed). Doctors treating my newly-diagnosed Parkinsons Disease suggested that my wife and I sleep in separate bedrooms. After almost fifty years of marriage, this “solution” appalled us. However, the violent movements seemed likely at some point to hurt either or both of us.

When Dr. Ahlskog suggested that hypnosis might work, I was very skeptical about hypnosis in general and especially about its efficacy for treating a Parkinsons symptom. Nevertheless, I went ahead with one session with him about three years ago. I had immediate positive results. I and have had only one experience of violent thrashing since and, clearly, am no longer skeptical. It’s amazing to me that such a change in my sleep behavior could happen so quickly and completely.

My wife and I are happy to give Dr. Ahlskog our strongest recommendation.

Paul H. Harris

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