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For some time, I had been experiencing random episodes of severe sleep disturbance (hitting, kicking, throwing myself out of bed). Doctors treating my newly-diagnosed Parkinsons Disease suggested that my wife and I sleep in separate bedrooms. After almost fifty years of marriage, this “solution” appalled us. However, the violent movements seemed likely at some point to hurt either or both of us.

When Dr. Ahlskog suggested that hypnosis might work, I was very skeptical about hypnosis in general and especially about its efficacy for treating a Parkinsons symptom. Nevertheless, I went ahead with one session with him about three years ago. I had immediate positive results. I and have had only one experience of violent thrashing since and, clearly, am no longer skeptical. It’s amazing to me that such a change in my sleep behavior could happen so quickly and completely.

My wife and I are happy to give Dr. Ahlskog our strongest recommendation.

Paul H. Harris

Panic Attacks

I came to Gary because I was having intense panic attacks. They started slowly but over time progressed to the point where I could no longer ride the subway or go further than two blocks away from my apartment. Gary did a hypnosis session with me. I do not know how hypnosis works, but the panic attacks got considerably better and I have traveled the country since then without too much discomfort. If you suffer from any type of mental anguish, I would recommend Gary one hundred percent.

Lara B.

Crisis Resolution

Not long before I turned 40 my life was turned upside down by a sudden divorce, followed by a terrible relationship. These events crushed my soul and left me emotionally destroyed. I was seriously considering suicide. It is not until I came to Dr. Ahlskog for treatments that I was able to allow another relationship into my life. I think that Dr. Ahlskog is not simply a therapist. I think of him as a magician. Thank you!

Irena Ginsburg

Hypnosis Pre-Surgery

Hypnosis greatly relieved my anxiety and stress before surgery and also focused my mind on a complete recovery, while I was facing a life threatening diagnosis.  Now, five years later, I attribute most of my full recovery to the pre-surgical work I did with Dr. Gary.


A Major Thank You

A number of years ago, a dear friend of mine had reached four packs of cigarettes and was, finally, desperate to stop smoking. He had tried many different patches et al and nothing worked. I had heard about Dr. A. He deserves to be called Magician Gary, doing wonders to help people stop smoking. My friend went to see him once, and boom, the idea of smoking repulsed him. He has not had a cigarette from that day to this. Dr. Gary is amazing. I am sure my friend owes him his life. I have wanted to let people know about this for years and I have finally found a way to do so. Will it work for you? I suppose everyone is different, but if you only knew how stubborn and pig-headed my friend was before he decided to stop, I would think your prognosis would be a good one. (I actually stopped a young girl who had just bought a pack of cigarettes the other day and told her about Dr. Gary. She said she was interested in stopping and now it is up to her.) I cannot thank this wonder worker enough. He is truly amazing.


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