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Loose Weight with Hypnosis

You Can Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Diets don’t work. This is because no matter how much weight you lose at first, your mind can’t stay in a state of perpetual deprivation. So eventually the diet will end and the weight will return. If you already know this, then you’re ready to lose weight with hypnosis. Hypnosis mobilizes the power of your unconscious mind to change how you experience yourself. The hypnotist doesn’t do anything to you, except to help your own unconscious mind take over. Hypnosis for losing weight is all about letting your unconscious mind guide you naturally toward healthy eating patterns. Your Unconscious Mind:
This isn’t easy to define, but here’s a sketch: Since your conscious mind can only think one thought at a time, everything else about you that you’re not thinking of right now is part of your unconscious mind. Only a small part of your brain is active in conscious thinking. Most of the brain and what is called the autonomic nerve system function unconsciously as they carry on functions such as keeping your breathing regular and heartbeat steady. The fascinating part is that your unconscious brain performs lots of other amazing tasks, such as keeping you oriented to “reality” by monitoring gravity, so that you sit and stand upright, unconsciously keeping you in tune with time, so that you know without thinking about it whether it’s day or night (or dawn, or dusk), and unconsciously assessing the facial expression of a stranger so that you know without consciously thinking about it whether this person is sad, angry, or frightened. Your unconscious mind isn’t easy to define, but it’s easy to see how it’s active in virtually all aspects of your daily life. Your unconscious mind is your friend, always your friend, nothing but your friend. It’s the deeper part of you that always seeks your survival, well-being, and happiness. Actually, your unconscious mind is more committed to your health and happiness than you are at the conscious level. Problems come when consciousness interferes with the natural benevolent guidance of your unconscious mind. When you think back over your life, you’ll probably notice that the worst troubles occurred when you were consciously steering the ship, whereas most benefits occurred seemingly out of the blue, i.e., when your unconscious mind was in charge. You can lose weight with hypnosis without even trying because your unconscious mind prefers your health, beauty, and well-being. It chooses healthy foods and healthy portions without experiencing deprivation. The magic of hypnosis lies in how the unconscious mind makes changes without struggle or deprivation. It’s your conscious mind that decides to take a second helping of french fries. It’s consciousness that puts salt, ketchup and mayo on these fries. Your unconscious mind is naturally attuned to maintaining your healthiest blood sugar level. It’s consciousness that decides to add hot fudge and sprinkles to a scoop of ice cream, thereby upsetting your unconscious harmony and well-being. If you want to lose weight with hypnosis, we can be glad that no conscious effort or willpower is needed, because consciousness is the problem in the first place. Hypnosis restarts the natural process in which your unconscious mind guides you in optimum health and returns you to your optimum weight.

Don’t Try to Lose Weight, Just Stop Keeping it Up
When you come into my office and ask to lose weight with hypnosis, we first must agree that we’re not aiming to reduce your weight. No, we merely need to alter the way you’re keeping your weight up. Your body’s natural functioning under the guidance of your unconscious mind will achieve your optimum healthy weight, so all hypnosis needs to do is remove your conscious mistaken efforts to keep your weight up. Consciousness as the enemy tries to keep your weight up in 3 ways. Either you are (1) eating quantities of food that are too large at mealtimes; (2) eating large quantities of what’s called a “culprit food,” (e.g., a whole bag of potato chips; a quart of ice cream); or (3) grazing with no sense of what’s being eaten…or its effect.

The 3 Avenues for Natural Permanent Loss
If the problem is eating large quantities of food at mealtimes (the problem of portion control), hypnosis succeeds by creating a signal by which your unconscious mind turns off conscious appetite while food is still on your plate. You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to try. You will simply feel finished and satisfied before you’ve cleaned your plate. If the problem is a “culprit food,” some item you’re eating so much of that it’s keeping your weight up, then you’ll lose weight with hypnosis as we simply subtract this item from your menu…permanently. In this treatment your unconscious mind makes an agreement with your body and conscious mind: It’s so much more pleasurable to feel your best and look your best than to hold on to this one food item, that of course the culprit food is given up for good, readily, easily, and with no sense of deprivation. (This approach is nearly identical to smoking cessation, except it’s a culprit food that’s being given up willingly and happily, with huge success and no sense of loss.) If the problem is grazing, then you’ll lose weight with hypnosis, but not by trying to subtract snacks from your daily menu, which will only seem like deprivation and won’t gain the support of your unconscious mind. Rather hypnosis allows you to snack while your unconscious mind creates a new definition of pleasurable snacking. There are many approaches here, but to give one example, hypnosis can redefine snacking as something that’s only fun when you’re sitting down at a table and using utensils. There’s no deprivation, yet you lose weight with hypnosis because “pleasure” has been redefined as making you aware of grazing patterns. making you aware that you’re eating when you didn’t register this before. Beware With hypnosis, it’s easy to stop smoking because the outcome is crystal clear: you’re never smoking. When you lose weight with hypnosis, it’s just as easy…at first…but over time things tend to get cloudy because there’s no such thing as never eating. Over time your unconscious mind may naturally become confused as to whether it’s supposed to be eating or not eating, because your unconscious mind actually is trying to do 2 contradictory things at once…permanently. About 75% of the clients I treat never need to return after a single session. But I always advise everyone that we can’t know whether their unconscious minds will eventually get confused (eating or not?)…and then they’ll need to come back. The other 25% of my clients eventually call me back for follow up treatment, somewhere between 8-16 months after our original work. In these cases we need to do a second session follow up. So it might take 1 session to permanently lose weight with hypnosis. Or it might take 2.

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