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Gun Violence

Gun Violence

For decades we have been at an impasse: No matter how many children are machine-gunned, we can do nothing about the spread of gun violence. The impasse is partly because of the money the NRA can spend in Washington to defeat reforms, and partly because of a Supreme Court that believes that a few 18th century white gentry couldn’t make a mistake. The Second Amendment isn’t likely to receive a serious critique during our lifetimes, so we’re stuck with it.  (more…)

President Obama

Why President Obama Makes a Difference

“About 14% of the people in America have enough money to make sure their interests are looked after in Washington; the rest have to depend on the president.”
John F. Kennedy, possibly told to him by his brother, Robert.

Dateline Wednesday, November 7, 2012: America has reelected President Barack Obama. In Romney’s concession speech this unfathomable Mitt-politician disappeared and we saw instead a human being, a thoughtful personable human being I’d like to see invited into Obama’s cabinet. We could never depend on Candidate Romney to look after the whole of America, especially not the bottom 86%, and so Obama’s election is truly a victory for America. But that’s not what I’m writing about here.

No one should think our country is heading in a leftish direction. (more…)

Made In China

Made In China?

The steam pipes heating my building run under my office. They leak a lot, so over time I’ve made friends with the plumber. One day I said, “I’ll bet you see a lot of plumbing problems in these older buildings” “Nah,” he replied, “the real problems are in the new buildings.” He meant he had his hands full with new defective pipes made in China. (more…)

Tax Cuts For the Rich

The Real Reason Romney Likes Tax Cuts for the Rich

Harry Truman famously said, “There’s nothing new but the history you don’t know.” Is Romney trying to trick us or is he simply ignorant about American history? Remember Reagan? He lectured us about the benefits of tax cuts, then he doubled the size of the federal government and doubled the deficit. Reagan won voters by showing the TV screen his face of righteous indignation at the thought that his plans would harm the needy. Yet as soon as he was elected, he dismantled the safety net. If you know your history, homelessness did not exist in America before Reagan. He closed mental hospitals, rehab programs, and housing alternatives, so the disabled ended up on the streets. (more…)