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President Obama

Why President Obama Makes a Difference

“About 14% of the people in America have enough money to make sure their interests are looked after in Washington; the rest have to depend on the president.”
John F. Kennedy, possibly told to him by his brother, Robert.

Dateline Wednesday, November 7, 2012: America has reelected President Barack Obama. In Romney’s concession speech this unfathomable Mitt-politician disappeared and we saw instead a human being, a thoughtful personable human being I’d like to see invited into Obama’s cabinet. We could never depend on Candidate Romney to look after the whole of America, especially not the bottom 86%, and so Obama’s election is truly a victory for America. But that’s not what I’m writing about here.

No one should think our country is heading in a leftish direction.

Since World War II, the American government has been essentially right-wing. I don’t mean the visible government: presidents, senators, and mayors. The invisible government consisting of the Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department, the FBI, and the Department of Justice is pretty much permanent, irrespective of who’s elected in any given year. For the last half century, this enduring but invisible government has proceeded as if nothing on earth is more important than America. Some folks think this sounds patriotic and doesn’t seem so bad, but it actually means that governmental agencies with no visibility or accountability have committed murder, fraud, perjury, deceptions of every sort, interference in foreign governments, and destabalization of the planet, all in the name of “America-First.” Stalwart American companies like Grumman and Northrup built fighter planes that created jobs and furthered American wealth, it’s true, but wealth wouldn’t increase if these planes simply sat on the gound gathering dust. They needed to be shot down so that more would be needed. The invisible government favors war rather than the avoiding of war. This explains our strange invading of Iraq for reasons that still don’t make sense. Eisenhower warned about this “Military-Industrial Complex,” a permanent oligarchy so powerful that it doesn’t much matter who’s elected president. I call this invisible oligarchy right-wing because (1) it cares about Americans, not Mexicans, Chinese, Russians or human beings; and (2) it cares about power, not principles like peace, human rights, or the well-being of the planet.

I have only American history to back me up. It’s probably the history you don’t know, and it’s definitely not taught in schools. Here are examples of what I’m trying to convey:

1. In 1962, president John F. Kennedy realized that involvement in Vietnam was a mistake. He issued Executive Order #232 requiring the evacuation of 1,000 out of 8,000 Americans from Vietnam by the end of 1963. He planned a complete withdrawal by 1995. The military disagreed, they thought they should win this war (“America First”), so they simply ignored his order to withdraw. They were completely wrong, as history shows, but JFK was assasinated and the war went on.

2. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, minutes of the Joint Chiefs are now on record recommending that America should consider a first strike nuclear holocaust. Their math went like this: Killing 140 million Russians in a sneak attack was a good idea as long as fewer than 30 million Americans would be killed in retaliation. Do you realize the horror of this thinking in our own (invisible) government? Do you realize that we are the ones who planned to eradicate millions of (Russian) human lives because of our economic philosophy? Whether today’s enemy is Russian, Chinese, or Muslim, it’s the USA that’s claimed for decades that “America’s First” and that we have the right
to kill anyone we choose.

The good news is that not all Americans drank the Kool-Aid. Just as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were at odds with colonial thinking in America’s early years, we can celebrate an American history that has contained true visionaries not bound by arbitrary geographical boundaries, not thinking in religious categories, not limited by economic philosophies, leaders who truly understood that what matters most is human welfare, namely peace, shared prosperity, and preservation of our tiny planet. They deserve special honor because they weren’t deterred by the tunnel vision of politics. During the last half century, we laud and celebrate the exceptional vision of these leaders:

John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy…

…and I’m going on to give “half stars” to Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon: to Carter for his vision of world peace, even though he was not effective in furthering it, and to Nixon for his global vision, for grasping the importance of opening the West to China, even though he often misconstrued himself as a tactitian and didn’t understand that his principles would thrive on their own merit and didn’t require stupid trickery. In addition America owes a special salute of thanks to…

Nikita Khrushchev

Although it’s not taught in our schools, Khrushchev faced danger from his own military generals because he favored world peace, dialogued secretly with JFK toward peace, and pulled back Russian tanks in Berlin. We teach our school children, falsely, that during the Cuban Missle Crisis President Kennedy starred down the Russians and “won” the victory. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we now know it didn’t happen this way. Khrushchev decided to halt ships headed to Cuba during the missle crisis because JFK, in secret discussions, asked for his help in diffusing this catastrophically dangerous situation. Khrushchev, RIP, like JFK, his secret friend and partner in peace, was committed to a larger vision than “Russia-First.”

This short list tells us that America is not very good at being a world leader. Visionary American leaders have gotten little protection from our permanent invisible government. Evidence since the Freedom of Information Act shows that the CIA, not Lee Harvey Oswald, assinated JFK. The question is Why? The answer is that the permanent right-wing considered him a traitor because of his commitment to larger principles like world peace and human rights. Read James Douglass, “JFK and the Unspeakable.” The invisible right-wing government doesn’t under stand that regional boundaries, religions, and economic philosophies are accidental, impermanent, and illusory. The only enduring truths are preserving human life and preserving our planet.

It doesn’t matter whether you think Romney’s losing was good or bad for America. His losing was good for our planet and good for the myriad human lives in Africa, Asia, Iran, Indonesia, and Harlem. Even if you think his economic philosophy would have been good for America, it doesn’t matter because he only understood white-male topics and had zero grasp of the well being of humanity and the preservation of our planet. Neither did Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush, so we must be glad they’re gone. Now in 2012 our exceptional list of world leaders alongside JFK, Martin Luther King, RFK, and Nikita Khrushchev adds:

Barack Obama

Just like JFK, Obama got clobbered by political enemies in his first term. Just like JFK, Obama will be celebrated in the future of American history as one of the few who truly understood, who put human welfare above politics. Wake up America! Our President Obama is a true hero who will be celebrated for hundreds of years to come. He understands the plight of humanity and the plight of our world. Wake Up America and support everything President Obama is trying to accomplish, because these are the good old days. Just as with JFK, we’ll look back at Obama and realize how good he was, how much we miss him, and how much we wish we’d supported him more. So do it now, don’t count on looking back wistfully.

The end of this transmission is a quote from JFK which might just as well have come from President Obama:

“For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

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